Sunday, December 12, 2010

Goldilocks and the Police

The Year 6's have worked very hard on their drama this term.  This group adapted the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.   Not bad seeings as all the equipment used was brand new and the first time any of us had ever used i-movie :-)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Description Of 2010

2010- was a new year and a new beginning. For all of us we were in a new year level, and had a new teacher. But for some of us we were at a new school which equalled up to new friends.

School life for 2010- has been really great. During term 1 our topic was where we fitted in St Pius, we also learnt about using the virtue co-operation, which pretty much means working together as a school/group. During Term 2 our topic was Hero’s and how they are helpful, to the community,(police,doctors etc.....). As well as that during Term 3 our topic was Changing Matter, and we learnt about the 3 basic matters you can change, ‘solid’ liquid’ and ‘gas’. Also on top of that Term 4’s topic was animals and their natural habitats. One thing I have learnt about animals is that certain animals have to live in a certain place.

2010- Has been an hectic year with the natural disasters such as the Haiti and Canterbury earthquake. Also with the miners in Chile and recently the miners in Greymouth. Who were sadly confirmed dead. Our prayers and thoughts go to the people in Greymouth who were related to one of the 29 miners.

2010- has been an awesome year from being a year 6 in Miss G’s class and being a presenter at the 2010 Manaikalani Film Festival.

So really one way of describing 2010 is using the word AWESOME, but also, with the miners at Greymouth another way is a ‘Country Tragedy’.

Monday, November 29, 2010

My Description Of A Baseball

A baseball is as round as a shooting comet. It is used obviously for the sport baseball.

A baseball is the same colour as Spongebob Squarepants socks, they are both red and white.

If there was no such thing as baseball’s the Los Angels Dodgers would not have won the 2010 Baseball world cup.

So as you can see you can describe a baseball in several different ways.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

From The Little Screen To The Big Screen

Thursday 11 of November a day Saint Pius X students will never forget.

It was Thursday 11 November, which meant it was 2010 Manaiakalani Film Festival. Schools from around the Tamaki cluster were involved with it such as Panmure Bridge, Point England, Saint Pius X, Glenbrae, Tamaki Primary, Intermediate and College.
It was around 11am, when students/teachers of Saint Pius X School arrived at Sylvia Park Hoyts cinema- X-treme Screen.

As the students of Saint Pius X walked into the cinema there was excitement on their faces.
While they were watching the movies, they were laughing and cheering.
At the Film Festival there were a lot of movies that were shown but not all in every session.

If you ask the students of Saint Pius X what was their favourite movie, most of them would say Jandal Man/Jesse.
Why you ask?........well they all say that both films were entertaining and that they both had a meaning to them.
Jandal Man were talking about how useful jandals can be, and for Jesse their movie was based on the movie ‘boy’. But instead of ‘Boy’ being a fan of Michael Jackson Jesse was a fan of Captain James Cook.

Overall the Film Festival was a hit. There was laughter and there were awwwww’s when a movie ended. But besides from that everyone enjoyed the Manaikakani Film Festival.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Auckland Zoo Here We Come

On a very dull Thursday morning everyone from Years 0-6 including me, had big smiles on our faces, like as if we had won $1,0000 or we were happy because the weather was bad....but no we did not win $1,0000 and we all hated the weather, we were all happy because we all knew that we would be going to the Auckland Zoo, to lean more about the animals and their natural habitats.

Once everyone was ready to leave school we all walked down the hill to the bus. As soon as everyone was in their seats the bus driver started driving. We travelled east to west across Auckland. As we past Western Springs we were getting closer and closer.

“Finally” I said, we were here at last. Everyone hopped out of the bus, it was still raining but that didn't stop us, we all walked up the hill and through the puddles.

Soon after all the classes walked off in different directions. Mr Coakley was leading Room 6. He lead us to a bridge where the view was black & white. Before our eyes were some not very cheerful Zebras. We all walked past waving to them hoping that they would come closer to us but they didn’t.

As well as seeing Zebras we also saw scary Lions, playful Orangutan's, Sea Lions that were showing off, Cheetahs that were sleepy and a whole lot more.

We walked and walked around the Zoo. After a while, we saw a little playground with a rock climbing wall so we all decided to have our morning tea.

After that we kept on walking, we spotted a Parrot. We thought it could repeat what we were saying but when we asked a Zoo Keeper if it could repeat our words she said “no”, so we walked away. We saw more and more animals like hungry Meercats. While were walking around we noticed the entry to the Meercat tunnels and so we walked in, then we saw tunnels. We all started crawling through it and it lead us to a semi-circle where we popped our heads through and we saw the Meercats up close. After seeing the Meercats I decided to crawl out of the tunnels, so I did.

Around 1:00pm we had lunch, we also had a little play, then off we went. Our next stop was at a classroom. We were there to ask a teacher some questions about animals and their natural habitats. We asked him questions and he answered them back. We all walked around his classroom looking at the frogs, fossils and reptiles.

After all of that the clock struck 2:30pm which meant it was time to leave the classroom and go back to school.

So as you can see years 0-6 had an awesome time at the Auckland Zoo. My favourite part out of the whole thing would have to be going to the classroom not only because we got to ask him questions (that would help us in our topic work) but we also had a chance to look at a
frogs/reptiles up close.

So if have not been to the Auckland Zoo I recommend you do, trust me you would have an awesome time.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Choco-Mallow Ride

Choco-Mallow Ride was the ice-cream my company ‘Super Billy’ created. It has vanilla ice-cream as its base and different types of chocolate. Well it first looks white but when you put in all the ingredients it then turns into a kind of blue/white colour.

Choco-Mallow Ride also looks like a patch of mud with big chunks of muddy worms.

Even though it sounds yuck it did actually taste good. My groups ice-cream tasted just like it was made for a chocoholic, every time you took a spoonful you would just feel like taking 100 more.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

All Saint's Day

In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.......

On a nice sunny, 1st day of the month (November) Miss Tui and her class were organising a liturgy for All Saints Day.

As soon as the bell rang the whole school lined up ready to go to the hall. Class by class they walked to the hall ready to start the liturgy.

Finally the liturgy started, first was Isitolo, he said the introduction. Next was Shaianne, she said the Gospel and spoke in a nice reverent voice.

The liturgy went on, even though there were a few technical difficulties (which did hold up the liturgy) but besides from that the liturgy was nice and holy. There was a prayer table at the front with a Bible, a cross and a few candles displayed on it.

During the liturgy there was a power-point about saints and some information about their lives.

Just after that Justice said the sign of the cross (in a clear voice) as it was the end of the liturgy.

So as you can see we had a very peaceful liturgy. Even though there were a few problems with technology, I still think that Room 7 pulled off a a great liturgy.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Responsibility Poem

R- Remember to always use the virtue of Responsibility.

E- Everyone has feelings so respect them.

S- Share your stuff all the time.

P- Pay attention to your learning.

O- Obey your teacher and parents.

N- Never give up.

S- Stop look and listen.

I- It is always good to set and achieve your goals.

B- Be responsible for your own learning

I- If you use the virtue of responsibility you can succeed in life.

L- Love one another.

I- It is always good to treat others the way you would like to be treated.

T- Tell the truth at all times.

Y- You should always be ready for school.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Term 3, Holidays and Term 4

Term 3
In Term 3 what I enjoyed most was when everyone in Room 6 had to get into a group of 4. Make ice-cream for Room 3 to taste test and vote for their favourite. The group with the most votes would be the winner and their ice-cream recipe would be sent to Tip Top. As well as your whole group making ice-cream each group had to come up with a company name, an ice-cream name, a promo poster and an interesting flier. There were a lot of different types of company names like my groups company name was Super Billy there were also names like Kids Delight, Chuby Chunks and a whole different range of names. At last after weeks of hard work and Miss G growling people off for being off task it was time for all the groups to present their ice-cream to Room 3. My groups ice-cream did not win but I really enjoyed making the ice-cream.

Yippee at last the holidays were finally here. During the holidays I had a lot of fun, like shopping, going to birthday parties, staying awake like until 1:00 in the morning, playing games and a whole lot of things, but one thing that was exciting for me was that I got a new baby nephew. His name is Charles, he is a very tiny baby but he is also cute. While I was enjoying my holidays I knew school was about to start so on the last day of the school holidays I decided to get all my school stuff ready. (like my school uniform school shoes etc......)

Term 4
First day back at school and I have found out that we would be going to the Zoo except for the year 7&8’s because this term from year 1-6 their topic is Animals and their habitats. For the year 7&8 their topic is animals that live in the bush and they would be studying more about that topic when they go to camp.

What I can’t wait for this term is the Film Festival, Zoo trip and Final Assembly. I can’t wait for the Film Festival because for the first time I am involved with one of the movies Saint Pius X has created. I also can not wait for the Zoo trip because I can’t wait to see different types of animals and their habitats. The reason why I can’t wait for the Finally Assembly is because it is on the last day of school which means it will be the longer holidays and the next time I come back to school I will be a year 7. One of my goals this term is to try my best in the AsTTle test and hopefully move up a level in Reading, Writing or Maths.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Horrible Storm

On Friday 17 while I was eating my dinner I saw a flash of light coming from my window, my sister yelled out “lightning”.

As soon as she finished saying lightning I remembered that there was going to be a storm. I started feeling a bit scared and excited at the same time, I felt scared because my sister told me the storm was going to be so big that trees could collapse at any moment. I also felt excited because I would apparently experience a storm that is the same size as Australia.

Straight after all that talking I felt a little relaxed and carried on eating my dinner.

Once I was finished eating my Dad decided to watch ‘Flags Of Our Fathers’. I joined in watching the movie with him.

While we were watching the movie we could hear the rain and the wind blowing the trees so hard I thought my sister was right and that the trees were going to collapse. Soon after my Dad turned the volume up to block out the rain and wind. It really helped because the movie was about the war America vs Japan and there was a lot of bombs so of course it did block out the horrible noise.

Finally the movie came to an end, it finished around 10 so I decided to go to bed. As soon as I entered my bedroom the horrible wind blew so hard it I was about to go back to the sitting room but I was so restless I just stayed in bed. As I lay on my bed I started feeling alright I could still hear the wind and rain but as time went past I just fell asleep.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Iron Brain BBQ Road Show

MMMMmmmm.... yummy burgers........

On Monday straight after lunch time, Iron Brian and his crew came to our school.
Olly and Sarah spoke to us and told us a little bit about what was going to happen. They then were wondering where Iron Brian was so they told us to do a countdown from 0 to 10. Olly said that if we scream at the top of our voices Iron Brian will appear.

When we got up to 10 Iron Brian came out the door and he was waving at us and he did the hi 5 with the kids that were right in front of him. Finally the show started.

Sarah and Iron Brian grabbed a sign that said Meat & Meat Alternatives. Iron Brian and Sarah told us about healthy meat. They also said that red meat gives us a lot of iron and the types of meat we should all eat like beef and lamb.

The next sign Iron Brian and Sarah showed us said Fruits & Vegetables. They then told us that we should eat fruits and vegetables 5 + a day to keep the colds and flues away. You should eat fruit and veges as they make you faster on your feet.

Again they showed us another sign that said Milk & Dairy Products. That was all about calcium.
The last sign Iron Brain and Sarah showed us said Bread & Cereals. Iron Brian said that every morning we should eat breakfast so that we will be focused at school and that we will be able to be on our feet with our heads held up high and ready to be a fantastic learner at school.

Later on Iron Brian asked questions, people answered them and they got to pick a prize.
It was time for Iron Brian’s Boogie Battle so he asked the teachers to pick 2 students from their class to stand up and represent their class. Sarah and Iron Brian were the judges,Sarah for the girls and Iron Brian for the boys.
The competition came to an end. The winner for the girls was Tokilupe in room 4 and for the boys it was Isitolo in room 7. They both won because they kept dancing and they showed everyone their funky, funky moves.

After that we did Iron Brian’s favourite boogie. It was great fun and I enjoyed doing it together with the whole school.
Sadly the show came to an end, so everyone walked outside to the green benches and received a delicious burger.

That was the end of the ‘Iron Brian BBQ Road Show’.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Social Justice Litugy

On Monday 13 in the morning at line-up wasn’t like any other line-up, because Miss G told everyone that it was ‘Social Justice Week’ and that we would be having a small liturgy in the hall. Miss G also told everyone that we would be learning more about ‘Social Justice Week’ in class.

After that Miss G kindly asked Room 1 & 2 to walk over to the hall, so they did. Just after that Miss G asked Room 7 to follow Room 1 & 2 to the hall. Next she asked Room 5 the same thing she also told the other classes but they didn’t go all at once they all went class by class and of course the last class she asked was Room 6.

At last everyone was settled ready to start the liturgy. It was a very peaceful time. We had prayers we sang songs like ‘Forever I Will Sing’. The liturgy went smoothly and was great.

Finally the liturgy came to an end and I walked back to Room 6 ready for Maths.

This week during R.E I have learnt that Social Justice Week is about everyone being different in their own way and that no one is perfect. I have also learnt that you should always treat others they way you would want to be treated. Just because Social Justice Week happens once a year doesn’t mean you should stop showing Social Justice. You should always show social justice everywhere you go.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Washing Your Hands

Washing Your Hands

Equipment: Soap, Towel, Sink

Step 1:Put your hands above the sink and turn the tap anti-clockwise, wait for the water to start flowing.
Step 2: Rinse your hands in the flowing water for a little while.
Step 3:Grab the soap and start to scrub the soap around your hands.
Step 4: Keep on rubbing your hands together, until you see foam on your hands.
Step 5: After about 20 seconds turn the tap clock-wise so that the water will stop flowing.
Step 6: Get a towel and wipe your hands until your hands are nice and dry.

Now your hands are nice and dry, (Bactria free). When you wash your hands they will be around 95% clean, and you wont spread your germs.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Talent Quest

On Friday last week was the feast day of Saint Pius X. So our school celebrated it by having Mass in the morning and then having a talent quest.
Well I’m going to talk about the talent quest.

So On Friday one of the ways we celebrated Saint Pius X feast day was we had a Talent Quest.
During Morning Tea everyone who was preforming were dressing up into their costumes. Some were getting ready to preform a cultural dance and some were getting ready to sing, and a whole lot of things. It was a really busy morning tea for the people who were doing an item for the talent quest.

Finally the bell rang to finish off morning tea, it was time for the talent quest. Everyone lined up at the hall waiting to go inside. Once we were inside all the performers were sitting waiting for Mr Coakley to tell them to come up and show everyone their item.

Mr Coakley walked up and started thanking everyone for coming. Mr Coakley finally introduced Angelica, Justice,Simone and Grace to preform their item, they did a Cook Island dance. It was a really neat item.

Next was Emelia and Robbertana, they also did a Cook Island dance. I thought Angelica, Justice,Simone and Grace was better only because they looked really confident, but Robbertanna and Emeila put their heads down when they were dancing.

The show kept rolling.There were people singing, dancing and doing a ballet dance. It was a really fun day, but it wasn’t a competition, it was just a chance for people to show everyone their talent.

Then the show came to end, Mr Coakley walked up and started to introduce the last item, it was the year 8 girls, they sang ‘Draw Me Nearer’. After that everyone went back to their classes getting ready for their Fish and Chips......
There was supposed to be Cross Country but it was raining and the teachers did not want any one to get sick.

My Favourite performance was Malia's ballet dance because she was the only one out of everyone else that did a ballet dance, also I liked the song she danced to - ‘Fireflies’.

Friday, August 27, 2010

What I Like

What I Like......

Fred - Fred is a You Tube sensation. You should really check his out his videos. Fred is really funny.
It’s pretty much about a boy who’s Mum doesn't pay much attention to him. Most people like him because he has a high pitch voice that sounds funny and creepy at the same time.
He is really funny and has a movie coming up (not sure when).
I like him because on one of his videos he had John Cena (a pro wrestler) staring as his Dad. I also like him because it just goes to show if you put up funny videos on You Tube one day you might have your own movie.
Or if put up yourself singing on You Tube you might be famous like Justin Bieber.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cheesey Toasted Sandwiches Instructions

Cheesy Toasted Sandwich

Ingredients: Bread, margarine, cheese

Equipment: Plate, Knife, Sandwich Press and a Grater

* First turn on the Sandwich Press.
* Grab your plate, knife and two slices of bread.
*Now start spreading the butter on the bread.
*Start grating your cheese.
*Put the butter side of the bread on the grill, now add some cheese, the other slice of bread goes on top butter side up.
*Close the sandwich press.
*Now it’s time to use the virtue of patience and wait for your sandwich to get all cheesy and crispy.
*After about 4-5 minutes your sandwich is ready to eat.

Conclusion- I felt that I cooked my sandwich pretty good, it wasn’t that bad, and it wasn’t that good....... it was just right. I thought it was pretty weird how we did it during class. It was also weird eating and writing at the same time.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our 'Muse' Choreography

What a wonderful Tuesday.....
The Video at the bottom is what the year 6's in Room 6 did on Tuesday.
The artist is 'Muse', well the year 6's had to get into groups and come up with their

own dance routine. The dancing at the beginning and the end is what Miss G made
up but when we got into our groups we were all on our own. We only had 45 minutes and I think we came up with a great routine.
Well if you think we could have done better or we were just right feel free to leave a comment on this post.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Duffy Theatre

O stands for Occupation and E stands for Exploration

On Tuesday after lunch time everyone was excited because we all knew that we would be watching the Duffy Theatre. As soon as the 2nd bell rang everyone lined up outside our classrooms, waiting for our teachers to arrive. The teachers finally arrived so each class waited for Mrs Williams to tell them they could go inside, Miss G told me to go and grab the camera so I did. Room 6 finally walked in. We all saw this wall that said Duffy’s Big O E(occupation exploration).

Finally it started. First we saw this lady named Tons and a man named Channel. They were talking about the rules. Soon after, another guy walked in and he also started talking about the rules. Later they walked behind the wall and Duffy finally came out, but he didn't face us he was still talking to Tons and Channel, but then he finally realised we were behind him. He then picked up an O and an E and started asking us what the O and E stood for. We all guessed......some students said O stands for Orange, some students said E stands for Elephant, but we didn’t get it right. Duffy told us it stand for Occupation Exploration.

After all that guessing Duffy told us Occupation meant job. Next Tons and Channel walked in with a big box. Tons and Channel started talking to us and Duffy and saying that there were a lot of things you could be in the future. After that they walked behind the wall and Duffy sat on the box. He then saw a door and he started knocking on it.

Tons and Channel walked out and told Duffy that he was on a game show.
Duffy was really excited. Tons and Channel told him that he had to spin this wheel that had numbers on it. Channel hit Duffy and he fell to the ground, he was feeling so dizzy that he needed a helper, he asked the audience if they would like to help him, a lot of hands went up and he picked Mele. She helped him spin the wheel and it landed on number 5. They then opened up a bag that had a number 5 on it. It said Doctor/Nurse.

Tons and Channel pretended that they were a brain surgeon/nurse but to continue the act they needed an audience member so they asked again, a lot of hands went up (again). But they picked Fetuli, she went up and she was to pretend to be patient. They pretended to do surgery on her brain. At the end they gave her a book called ‘The Night Before Christmas’. It was a pretty funny act.

Next Duffy had to spin the wheel again, but he fell down and had to ask another member for help. Duffy picked Siliva. He spun the wheel and it landed on number 1. At the back of number 1 it said Sports star. They did another act. It was a pretty cool act because they went around the hall playing Ping-Pong with a bigger bat and a bigger ball, after all that excitement. Duffy knew that Channel was going to hit him and he was going to land and not spin the wheel, but even though he didn’t get hit, he still wanted an audience member to help him so Duffy picked Motu. He spun the wheel real good. Duffy then picked up a piece of paper and it said Chef. Duffy, Tons and Channel started cooking, they had a piece of string and pretended that the string were noodles. They soon asked us to imagine that we have spices and herbs and throw it inside the pot, so we all used our imagination and pretended to throw it inside.

They were ready to wrap up the whole thing. But before they did that Tons and Channel told Duffy to open up the box and it would tell Duffy what he would be in the future. Duffy opened up the box and in the box it had a huge sign saying ANYTHING. Which meant that Duffy could be anything that he wanted to be in the future.

It then came to ab end so Duffy, Tons and Channel sang a song. Before they packed up their belongings Shaianne said a thank-you speech. When Shaianne’s speech was finished Tons, Duffy and Channel asked if anyone had any questions. A lot of hands went up. They answered every question that was asked. Soon after they had to pack up and go.

Everyone walked back to their classrooms and started getting ready to go home. A lot of people had big smiles on their faces while they were walking home, and when I walked past students the only thing I could hear were students talking about how much they thought the show was great.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Come On Guys Get Firewise.

Last Term Ofa entered Pharses into the Studio 2 firewise mad movie challange. We first had to come up with what our movie was going to be about we knew it had to be about being firewise. It took us forever to come up with an idea. I think once we got and idea it took us a pretty long time to start our script then one Tuesday we started wirting but the hard bit was we had to have "COME ON GUYS GET FIREWISE" in our script. we had alot of ideas about havinig a firefighter saying it but then Miss G said why not just one of the actors say it, we all agreed with her. That bit was sorted but our movie had to be 3 mintures only. After that we had to come up with a storyboard it only took us 3 days, finally we started filming we had 5 characters their names were Daisy, Alex, Olivia, Danielle and Dad. I was camera/director. Our Movie was about a sleepover and about them making popcorn. We started filiming on the last week of term 2 and finished on the first week of term 3. We are now just waiting and praying that we come either 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Well hope you enjoy watching our movie.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Tummy Beast

The picture you can see is what I did during Poetry, it is a storyboard of 'The Tummy Beast' wirtten by Roald Dahl. It was about a fat boy who said he had a beast in his tummy, but his mother didn't believe him, she thought he was lieing. At the end the tummy beast started talking and the mother fainted. It is a nonsense, but funny poem.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Term 2 Reflection

I had a great time this term in Room 6 and during media studies I had to come with my favourite thing that happened this term I had alot of things to choose from like Swimming, Media Studies, French etc but out of all the great things that happened I picked Art here is my Reflection........

Friday, June 11, 2010

Mrs Laing

On a nice sunny Monday in week 5 of term 2 I walked into Room 6 to see a Lady I've never seen before, I soon found out it her name was Mrs Laing and she was going to be our student teacher. We then went outside for assembly when we came inside we started doing our timetables, Mrs Laing did it with us and that's when I knew Mrs Laing was going to be an awesome student teacher.
As the days went by students of Room 6 started to like Mrs Laing, I thought Mrs Laing was just going to sit at Miss G desk and just take notes but instead she was moved around the classroom and helped everyone.
It is now week 8 of term 2 and Mrs Laing is still an awsome student teacher but sadly she will be leaving room 6 next week, but I am sure one day she will have her own class and be a wonderful Teacher.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Jump For Heart

Everyone was excited to do the jump for heart routine,

On a nice sunny Thursday, everyone knew that today was a special day not only because we were wearing mufti but we had to bring a gold coin and the money we raise would be going to the Heart Foundation. At 11:30 the students of Saint Pius X school walked to the tennis court to start of Jump for Heart, Room 1,2,3 and 4 were first, they did 2 Jump Jam routines. Their first routine was the 'Lion Sleeps Tonight' their second one was 'Kiss Kiss Kiss'. Soon after, room 5 did their routine which was 'Bororricito'. Room 6 was nervous because they knew they were next but as soon as room 5 was finished Room 6 got up and started to do our Jump Jam routine, we did the 'Bongo Dance' it turned out really good. After us Room 7 did 'Hamster Dance', it was really funnny. As soon as they were finished everyone knew it was time for us to do the Jump for Heart routine, I was pretty excited. Miss G turned on the music and we started. When it was finished we did 'The Witch Doctor', I found it pretty neat how the whole school was doing it all together. As soon as it was finished Mr Coakley told every to give themselves a pat on the back so we did.

Fianlly it was over everyone walked back to class with a BIG simle on their face.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My, I like Poem

My name is Lavinia
I like computers because I'm really good at it.
I love playing with my siblings because they can be funny at times.
I admire my parents because they are really great parents.
I adore my niece because she is really cute.
I favour reading because I learn new words.
I dream one day I will travel the world.
I am a Tongan girl and I am proud to be one.

Monday, April 26, 2010

French Lesson

"Bonjour ca va? ca va bien" Miss G said.
After a hot sunny lunch time everyone was sitting quietly waiting for Miss G to tell us what our next subject would be. We soon found out it was French, I was really excited because French was a new subject for me.
The exciting thing we learnt in French was 'Bonjour' and 'Salute'. Miss G told us that if you are saying 'hello' to an adult you say 'Bonjour' if you say hi to your friend you say 'Salute'. Miss G then told us how to say 'how are you?' in French, it is 'ca va?' We then learnt how to respond if you are feeling good you say 'ca va bien' if you are feeling bad you say 'ca va mal' and to say you are feeling okay you say 'comme ci comme ca'
The next thing Miss G told us to do was come onto the mat so we did, Miss G showed us a website about the French language, it was a really interesting website. The website Miss G showed us was a way of helping you learn more french words. I loved the website because it had this song and it had a catchy tune.

That was the end of my first french lesson.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Welcome Everbody

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog, on my my blog you will see all my work I have created. You will see my published work and the movies I will be making. Well just stop by and leave a comment when ever you like.