Friday, May 28, 2010

Jump For Heart

Everyone was excited to do the jump for heart routine,

On a nice sunny Thursday, everyone knew that today was a special day not only because we were wearing mufti but we had to bring a gold coin and the money we raise would be going to the Heart Foundation. At 11:30 the students of Saint Pius X school walked to the tennis court to start of Jump for Heart, Room 1,2,3 and 4 were first, they did 2 Jump Jam routines. Their first routine was the 'Lion Sleeps Tonight' their second one was 'Kiss Kiss Kiss'. Soon after, room 5 did their routine which was 'Bororricito'. Room 6 was nervous because they knew they were next but as soon as room 5 was finished Room 6 got up and started to do our Jump Jam routine, we did the 'Bongo Dance' it turned out really good. After us Room 7 did 'Hamster Dance', it was really funnny. As soon as they were finished everyone knew it was time for us to do the Jump for Heart routine, I was pretty excited. Miss G turned on the music and we started. When it was finished we did 'The Witch Doctor', I found it pretty neat how the whole school was doing it all together. As soon as it was finished Mr Coakley told every to give themselves a pat on the back so we did.

Fianlly it was over everyone walked back to class with a BIG simle on their face.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My, I like Poem

My name is Lavinia
I like computers because I'm really good at it.
I love playing with my siblings because they can be funny at times.
I admire my parents because they are really great parents.
I adore my niece because she is really cute.
I favour reading because I learn new words.
I dream one day I will travel the world.
I am a Tongan girl and I am proud to be one.