Friday, April 27, 2012

The Matchbox


PEOPLE IN THE GROUPAgnes, Dorothy, Lavinia and Ofa
ROLES: Discussion Director - Dorothy
Word Finder Director - Agnes
Selection Director - Ofa
Summary Director - Lavinia

Write four to six questions about what you have just read. These questions will be used for group discussion during the next reading session. Think about the question helpers in the box below.
Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?
Details? Inferred? What if? Opinion?

Who are the characters in the first chapter?
What is the first chapter about?
What is the most important part of the chapter?
Where did the story take place?
How did the war began, and why?
How long did the war last for?
When did the World war ll start?

Write two to three paragraphs summarizing the chapter or today's reading. Use the chart that guides you through summarizing.

The first chapter in The Matchbox is about a girl named Ginetta. The story is based about her life. Ginetta’s adventures in The Matchbox happen between 1937 and 1945. During this time a man named Benito Mussolini ruled Italy.

In 1936, Italy, Germany and Japan banded together to support each other as they tried to take over the world. This was the start of World War II in 1939.
Although 6 countries from all over the world tried to stop them, the war lasted for 6 years.


Find four to six interesting, powerful or tricky words from today's reading. Write them below along with the page number. Use flags to mark those words. You will be asked to share those words during our next guided reading meeting.
Prologue : Contents page
A prologue is a introduction . The introduction provides some background information about the story.
Selection Director
Pick the most interesting part to read to your group during our next guided reading meeting.


Put the page number and the paragraph number
Page 6 on Paragraph 1, 2 and 3

*World War 2 started in 1939
*Millions of innocent people, many of them Jewish, were killed and imprisoned
*The war raged for six years
*A man named Benito Mussolini ruled Italy, controlling the press, radio and schools
I chose these parts because they are sad and it’s telling some information about the 2nd World War.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


29th March to 30th March, something amazing happened.

The year 8s went to a place none of us have been to.

We went to the St Francis Retreat Centre in Mt Roskill. We stayed there for 2 days, and one night. I learnt amazing things, that I will remember FOREVER.

We did A LOT in the 2 days we were there. We, prayed and reflected. We also did a lot of activities. Every activity we did, I learnt something.

One of the many activities we did, was ‘Noah’s ark’. This activity was based on the story ‘Noah’s Ark’ in the bible. We were given paper bags. Inside those bags, were things such as sticks, scissors, tape, cardboard, fake-money, foam, and flax. Brother Phillip said, we had to make mini arcs’ that can float for 5 minutes.

BUT wait, not every bag had, scissors or tape, and some bags had more sticks than cardboard. So that’s where the money came in. We could use the money in our bags to buy things. Br Philip also gave us a choice. We could work alone. Or we could get into pairs.

I decided to team-up with Robertanna. We went outside. Emptied out our bags, to see what we had. We had cardboard, sticks, foam, flax and scissors. We also put our money together. We had $50.

We went straight to work. While we were planning. I realized something. How is everything going to stick together. I needed tape. Robertanna and I got up and started to search for the lucky person who had tape in their bag.

LISI!!!!!!! Robertanna’s aunt was the lucky person who had tape. We thought, because she was Robbertanna’s aunt we could get the tape for free. I was wrong. We had to pay. We gave her $20 for 2 long strips of tape.

We rushed back, to where we were sitting and carried on building. I had an idea in my mind on how our ark would look like. We put the cardboard and foam together. Then we put sticks underneath it.

Time went by. Before we knew it, our time was over.

We all walked to the back of the building. Where the fish pond was located.

Br Philip gave us all a stone. The stones represented the animals Noah rescued. If there were 2 people in each group, that meant they had to have 2 stones or if there were 3 people, then 3 stones...etc. So we had to get 2 stones.

Slowly we put our ark in the fish pond. Because it was Robertanna’s birthday I thought she might have good luck. I was right. It floated. Our ark floated.

“YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY” Robertanna and I screamed. Jumping up and down. We were shocked to see our ark FLOATED.

Now, it was moment of truth. We had to see which ark could float for 5 minutes.

We waited, and waited. Each minute went by there was at least 2 arks sinking. 1 more minute was left. There were only 4 arks’ still floating.

5 minutes were over. “WE WON” “WE WON” Robertanna and I said. OUR ark as well as Zeph’s, Roland’s, Daniel’s/Koula/Siu’s ark floated the longest.

I was surprised and shocked Robertanna and I were one of the winners. I was overwhelmed.

This was my favourite activity.

I learnt from this activity to try and use EVERYTHING I am given and use it wisely. I also learnt having a good plan and sticking to it, will help you achieve in anything you do.

Retreat, was very, very special to me. I enjoyed my time there and I have learnt A LOT. The 2 days and 1 night I was at St Francis Retreat centre is something I will remember and treasure FOREVER. I hope from this experience I can be better leader.