Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Iron Brain BBQ Road Show

MMMMmmmm.... yummy burgers........

On Monday straight after lunch time, Iron Brian and his crew came to our school.
Olly and Sarah spoke to us and told us a little bit about what was going to happen. They then were wondering where Iron Brian was so they told us to do a countdown from 0 to 10. Olly said that if we scream at the top of our voices Iron Brian will appear.

When we got up to 10 Iron Brian came out the door and he was waving at us and he did the hi 5 with the kids that were right in front of him. Finally the show started.

Sarah and Iron Brian grabbed a sign that said Meat & Meat Alternatives. Iron Brian and Sarah told us about healthy meat. They also said that red meat gives us a lot of iron and the types of meat we should all eat like beef and lamb.

The next sign Iron Brian and Sarah showed us said Fruits & Vegetables. They then told us that we should eat fruits and vegetables 5 + a day to keep the colds and flues away. You should eat fruit and veges as they make you faster on your feet.

Again they showed us another sign that said Milk & Dairy Products. That was all about calcium.
The last sign Iron Brain and Sarah showed us said Bread & Cereals. Iron Brian said that every morning we should eat breakfast so that we will be focused at school and that we will be able to be on our feet with our heads held up high and ready to be a fantastic learner at school.

Later on Iron Brian asked questions, people answered them and they got to pick a prize.
It was time for Iron Brian’s Boogie Battle so he asked the teachers to pick 2 students from their class to stand up and represent their class. Sarah and Iron Brian were the judges,Sarah for the girls and Iron Brian for the boys.
The competition came to an end. The winner for the girls was Tokilupe in room 4 and for the boys it was Isitolo in room 7. They both won because they kept dancing and they showed everyone their funky, funky moves.

After that we did Iron Brian’s favourite boogie. It was great fun and I enjoyed doing it together with the whole school.
Sadly the show came to an end, so everyone walked outside to the green benches and received a delicious burger.

That was the end of the ‘Iron Brian BBQ Road Show’.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Social Justice Litugy

On Monday 13 in the morning at line-up wasn’t like any other line-up, because Miss G told everyone that it was ‘Social Justice Week’ and that we would be having a small liturgy in the hall. Miss G also told everyone that we would be learning more about ‘Social Justice Week’ in class.

After that Miss G kindly asked Room 1 & 2 to walk over to the hall, so they did. Just after that Miss G asked Room 7 to follow Room 1 & 2 to the hall. Next she asked Room 5 the same thing she also told the other classes but they didn’t go all at once they all went class by class and of course the last class she asked was Room 6.

At last everyone was settled ready to start the liturgy. It was a very peaceful time. We had prayers we sang songs like ‘Forever I Will Sing’. The liturgy went smoothly and was great.

Finally the liturgy came to an end and I walked back to Room 6 ready for Maths.

This week during R.E I have learnt that Social Justice Week is about everyone being different in their own way and that no one is perfect. I have also learnt that you should always treat others they way you would want to be treated. Just because Social Justice Week happens once a year doesn’t mean you should stop showing Social Justice. You should always show social justice everywhere you go.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Washing Your Hands

Washing Your Hands

Equipment: Soap, Towel, Sink

Step 1:Put your hands above the sink and turn the tap anti-clockwise, wait for the water to start flowing.
Step 2: Rinse your hands in the flowing water for a little while.
Step 3:Grab the soap and start to scrub the soap around your hands.
Step 4: Keep on rubbing your hands together, until you see foam on your hands.
Step 5: After about 20 seconds turn the tap clock-wise so that the water will stop flowing.
Step 6: Get a towel and wipe your hands until your hands are nice and dry.

Now your hands are nice and dry, (Bactria free). When you wash your hands they will be around 95% clean, and you wont spread your germs.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Talent Quest

On Friday last week was the feast day of Saint Pius X. So our school celebrated it by having Mass in the morning and then having a talent quest.
Well I’m going to talk about the talent quest.

So On Friday one of the ways we celebrated Saint Pius X feast day was we had a Talent Quest.
During Morning Tea everyone who was preforming were dressing up into their costumes. Some were getting ready to preform a cultural dance and some were getting ready to sing, and a whole lot of things. It was a really busy morning tea for the people who were doing an item for the talent quest.

Finally the bell rang to finish off morning tea, it was time for the talent quest. Everyone lined up at the hall waiting to go inside. Once we were inside all the performers were sitting waiting for Mr Coakley to tell them to come up and show everyone their item.

Mr Coakley walked up and started thanking everyone for coming. Mr Coakley finally introduced Angelica, Justice,Simone and Grace to preform their item, they did a Cook Island dance. It was a really neat item.

Next was Emelia and Robbertana, they also did a Cook Island dance. I thought Angelica, Justice,Simone and Grace was better only because they looked really confident, but Robbertanna and Emeila put their heads down when they were dancing.

The show kept rolling.There were people singing, dancing and doing a ballet dance. It was a really fun day, but it wasn’t a competition, it was just a chance for people to show everyone their talent.

Then the show came to end, Mr Coakley walked up and started to introduce the last item, it was the year 8 girls, they sang ‘Draw Me Nearer’. After that everyone went back to their classes getting ready for their Fish and Chips......
There was supposed to be Cross Country but it was raining and the teachers did not want any one to get sick.

My Favourite performance was Malia's ballet dance because she was the only one out of everyone else that did a ballet dance, also I liked the song she danced to - ‘Fireflies’.