Sunday, December 12, 2010

Goldilocks and the Police

The Year 6's have worked very hard on their drama this term.  This group adapted the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.   Not bad seeings as all the equipment used was brand new and the first time any of us had ever used i-movie :-)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Description Of 2010

2010- was a new year and a new beginning. For all of us we were in a new year level, and had a new teacher. But for some of us we were at a new school which equalled up to new friends.

School life for 2010- has been really great. During term 1 our topic was where we fitted in St Pius, we also learnt about using the virtue co-operation, which pretty much means working together as a school/group. During Term 2 our topic was Hero’s and how they are helpful, to the community,(police,doctors etc.....). As well as that during Term 3 our topic was Changing Matter, and we learnt about the 3 basic matters you can change, ‘solid’ liquid’ and ‘gas’. Also on top of that Term 4’s topic was animals and their natural habitats. One thing I have learnt about animals is that certain animals have to live in a certain place.

2010- Has been an hectic year with the natural disasters such as the Haiti and Canterbury earthquake. Also with the miners in Chile and recently the miners in Greymouth. Who were sadly confirmed dead. Our prayers and thoughts go to the people in Greymouth who were related to one of the 29 miners.

2010- has been an awesome year from being a year 6 in Miss G’s class and being a presenter at the 2010 Manaikalani Film Festival.

So really one way of describing 2010 is using the word AWESOME, but also, with the miners at Greymouth another way is a ‘Country Tragedy’.