Friday, May 28, 2010

Jump For Heart

Everyone was excited to do the jump for heart routine,

On a nice sunny Thursday, everyone knew that today was a special day not only because we were wearing mufti but we had to bring a gold coin and the money we raise would be going to the Heart Foundation. At 11:30 the students of Saint Pius X school walked to the tennis court to start of Jump for Heart, Room 1,2,3 and 4 were first, they did 2 Jump Jam routines. Their first routine was the 'Lion Sleeps Tonight' their second one was 'Kiss Kiss Kiss'. Soon after, room 5 did their routine which was 'Bororricito'. Room 6 was nervous because they knew they were next but as soon as room 5 was finished Room 6 got up and started to do our Jump Jam routine, we did the 'Bongo Dance' it turned out really good. After us Room 7 did 'Hamster Dance', it was really funnny. As soon as they were finished everyone knew it was time for us to do the Jump for Heart routine, I was pretty excited. Miss G turned on the music and we started. When it was finished we did 'The Witch Doctor', I found it pretty neat how the whole school was doing it all together. As soon as it was finished Mr Coakley told every to give themselves a pat on the back so we did.

Fianlly it was over everyone walked back to class with a BIG simle on their face.


  1. Hi Lavinia
    You will always get comments from me, especially when you mention my name in your post. You have given an excellent report of what happened during the afternoon and how you felt during it.

  2. Well done Nia - I really like your story.This is a great piece of writing. (Paul)

  3. Hi Lavinia, Your recount of the Jump for Heart Day is really intersting to read. You described the day well and added interest when you wrote about how you (and others) were feeling. I thought it was pretty neat when the whole school did the Jump for Heart routine too. It was all new to me but I really enjoyed trying and it certainly got my heart jumping!