Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Social Justice Litugy

On Monday 13 in the morning at line-up wasn’t like any other line-up, because Miss G told everyone that it was ‘Social Justice Week’ and that we would be having a small liturgy in the hall. Miss G also told everyone that we would be learning more about ‘Social Justice Week’ in class.

After that Miss G kindly asked Room 1 & 2 to walk over to the hall, so they did. Just after that Miss G asked Room 7 to follow Room 1 & 2 to the hall. Next she asked Room 5 the same thing she also told the other classes but they didn’t go all at once they all went class by class and of course the last class she asked was Room 6.

At last everyone was settled ready to start the liturgy. It was a very peaceful time. We had prayers we sang songs like ‘Forever I Will Sing’. The liturgy went smoothly and was great.

Finally the liturgy came to an end and I walked back to Room 6 ready for Maths.

This week during R.E I have learnt that Social Justice Week is about everyone being different in their own way and that no one is perfect. I have also learnt that you should always treat others they way you would want to be treated. Just because Social Justice Week happens once a year doesn’t mean you should stop showing Social Justice. You should always show social justice everywhere you go.

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