Friday, August 27, 2010

What I Like

What I Like......

Fred - Fred is a You Tube sensation. You should really check his out his videos. Fred is really funny.
It’s pretty much about a boy who’s Mum doesn't pay much attention to him. Most people like him because he has a high pitch voice that sounds funny and creepy at the same time.
He is really funny and has a movie coming up (not sure when).
I like him because on one of his videos he had John Cena (a pro wrestler) staring as his Dad. I also like him because it just goes to show if you put up funny videos on You Tube one day you might have your own movie.
Or if put up yourself singing on You Tube you might be famous like Justin Bieber.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cheesey Toasted Sandwiches Instructions

Cheesy Toasted Sandwich

Ingredients: Bread, margarine, cheese

Equipment: Plate, Knife, Sandwich Press and a Grater

* First turn on the Sandwich Press.
* Grab your plate, knife and two slices of bread.
*Now start spreading the butter on the bread.
*Start grating your cheese.
*Put the butter side of the bread on the grill, now add some cheese, the other slice of bread goes on top butter side up.
*Close the sandwich press.
*Now it’s time to use the virtue of patience and wait for your sandwich to get all cheesy and crispy.
*After about 4-5 minutes your sandwich is ready to eat.

Conclusion- I felt that I cooked my sandwich pretty good, it wasn’t that bad, and it wasn’t that good....... it was just right. I thought it was pretty weird how we did it during class. It was also weird eating and writing at the same time.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our 'Muse' Choreography

What a wonderful Tuesday.....
The Video at the bottom is what the year 6's in Room 6 did on Tuesday.
The artist is 'Muse', well the year 6's had to get into groups and come up with their

own dance routine. The dancing at the beginning and the end is what Miss G made
up but when we got into our groups we were all on our own. We only had 45 minutes and I think we came up with a great routine.
Well if you think we could have done better or we were just right feel free to leave a comment on this post.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Duffy Theatre

O stands for Occupation and E stands for Exploration

On Tuesday after lunch time everyone was excited because we all knew that we would be watching the Duffy Theatre. As soon as the 2nd bell rang everyone lined up outside our classrooms, waiting for our teachers to arrive. The teachers finally arrived so each class waited for Mrs Williams to tell them they could go inside, Miss G told me to go and grab the camera so I did. Room 6 finally walked in. We all saw this wall that said Duffy’s Big O E(occupation exploration).

Finally it started. First we saw this lady named Tons and a man named Channel. They were talking about the rules. Soon after, another guy walked in and he also started talking about the rules. Later they walked behind the wall and Duffy finally came out, but he didn't face us he was still talking to Tons and Channel, but then he finally realised we were behind him. He then picked up an O and an E and started asking us what the O and E stood for. We all guessed......some students said O stands for Orange, some students said E stands for Elephant, but we didn’t get it right. Duffy told us it stand for Occupation Exploration.

After all that guessing Duffy told us Occupation meant job. Next Tons and Channel walked in with a big box. Tons and Channel started talking to us and Duffy and saying that there were a lot of things you could be in the future. After that they walked behind the wall and Duffy sat on the box. He then saw a door and he started knocking on it.

Tons and Channel walked out and told Duffy that he was on a game show.
Duffy was really excited. Tons and Channel told him that he had to spin this wheel that had numbers on it. Channel hit Duffy and he fell to the ground, he was feeling so dizzy that he needed a helper, he asked the audience if they would like to help him, a lot of hands went up and he picked Mele. She helped him spin the wheel and it landed on number 5. They then opened up a bag that had a number 5 on it. It said Doctor/Nurse.

Tons and Channel pretended that they were a brain surgeon/nurse but to continue the act they needed an audience member so they asked again, a lot of hands went up (again). But they picked Fetuli, she went up and she was to pretend to be patient. They pretended to do surgery on her brain. At the end they gave her a book called ‘The Night Before Christmas’. It was a pretty funny act.

Next Duffy had to spin the wheel again, but he fell down and had to ask another member for help. Duffy picked Siliva. He spun the wheel and it landed on number 1. At the back of number 1 it said Sports star. They did another act. It was a pretty cool act because they went around the hall playing Ping-Pong with a bigger bat and a bigger ball, after all that excitement. Duffy knew that Channel was going to hit him and he was going to land and not spin the wheel, but even though he didn’t get hit, he still wanted an audience member to help him so Duffy picked Motu. He spun the wheel real good. Duffy then picked up a piece of paper and it said Chef. Duffy, Tons and Channel started cooking, they had a piece of string and pretended that the string were noodles. They soon asked us to imagine that we have spices and herbs and throw it inside the pot, so we all used our imagination and pretended to throw it inside.

They were ready to wrap up the whole thing. But before they did that Tons and Channel told Duffy to open up the box and it would tell Duffy what he would be in the future. Duffy opened up the box and in the box it had a huge sign saying ANYTHING. Which meant that Duffy could be anything that he wanted to be in the future.

It then came to ab end so Duffy, Tons and Channel sang a song. Before they packed up their belongings Shaianne said a thank-you speech. When Shaianne’s speech was finished Tons, Duffy and Channel asked if anyone had any questions. A lot of hands went up. They answered every question that was asked. Soon after they had to pack up and go.

Everyone walked back to their classrooms and started getting ready to go home. A lot of people had big smiles on their faces while they were walking home, and when I walked past students the only thing I could hear were students talking about how much they thought the show was great.