Wednesday, November 16, 2011


During Religious Education I learnt about the word conscience and what it means. I also learnt the Golden Rule in life.

- Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

What have you done with my little boy

John Castle is a little boy who lives with his younger sister his Mother and Father. They lived in a nice quiet street in Pennsylvania America. They were like any ordinary family. John has short Blonde hair, blue eyes and he has freckles on his cheeks. Although he is only 6years of age he likes to think he is a BIG boy.

Every morning John walks with his mother to the school bus stop. Until one day he begged his mother if he could walk alone, his mother said “okay”.
That was something she regrets for the rest of her life.

May 25 1979 a day John’s family will never forget. John walked to the bus stop by himself. His mother thinking he’ll be alright, because the bus stop was not that far away. What she did not know, was that was going to be the last time she sees her little boy.

John was absent from school that day. His teacher did not bother reporting it to the principal thinking there was nothing wrong.

3.30pm, John did not return home. His mother knew there was something wrong. She immediately rang the school and asked “what has happened to my little boy John”. It was then Johns mother found out her son had not made it to school that day. She started panicking and started to worry, like any other mother would. She rang the cops and John’s father who hurried home as soon as he got the call.

Detective James Wright was called to investigate the case.

That night there was about 100 police men and women looking for the little blonde headed 6year old boy.
Weeks went by and there were even volunteers, searching for John Castles. He was everywhere. The news, papers, posters. He was even on milk cartons. (he was the first ever missing child to be on a milk carton)

Weeks, turned into months. Detective Wright always tried to re-enact what happened the morning of 25 may 1979 trying to think of ideas he did not think about before. Detective Wright was getting no where.
Until one day they went past a name "Klaus Smith" who had a history of violence between children. The cops thought they had their man. So they tracked Smith and they started questioning him about his past.

Detective Wright asked Smith “Do you know a little boy by the name John Castle” Smith replied back “no”. But he later admitted that he saw a little boy the morning of May 25 1979 who matched the description of John Castle, but he did not harm him. Detective Wright thought they had got their man. But Smith did not confess to harassing or abusing John Castle. So without a confession or any good evidence Smith was let free. AGAIN they came to a dead end.

Years, and years went by. John’s parents always thought Smith was responsible for their son disappearing. During those years Smith was serving jail time reasons that no-one knows due to the fact that his case was private.

John’s parents blamed Smith for their son missing but they had not enough evidence to charge him with a crime.

Years, went by, John’s parents appreciated Detective James Wright work as well as others who had helped to try and find their little boy John. But they had gone through enough pain. They deiced to close the case.

Johns parents still from this day still believe that Klaus Smith was responsible for their son’s disappearance.

Every year on October 9, which is John’s birthday, and May 25, the day he disappeared, John’s parents sends Klaus Smith a copy of John’s missing-persons leaflet. On the back they always type the same message: “What have you done with my little boy?”

Friday, September 23, 2011


During this week, in Maths I learnt........ How to solve “How many sets of” problems and how to solve “sharing” division problems using multiplications

Jo had 9 muesli chunks.
She shared them one at a time amongst 3 children.

9 divide by 3= 3

Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011

What I have Learnt

This week during Maths I have learnt to answer subtraction equations using the tidy number strategy an the place value strategy.
This is my example
183-68= ?
add 2 to the 68 to make 70 then add 2 183 to make a 185
185-70. Split the 185.
so now you have 100+10+5
your answer 115.

Sacrament Of Baptism

Sacrament Of Baptism
This week I have come to know the 7 Sacraments of the catholic church.
The symbol's used to identify the Sacrament of Baptism are.......

Water, represents washing, cleansing

White Cloth, represents, clean or pure

Oil, represents anointed to be a prophet, so you can spread the good news about God

Candle, represents light, the light of Christ

Friday, August 26, 2011

What I Have Been Learning During Maths This Week

This week I have been practicing using the tidy number strategy. I used this strategy to work out addition and subtraction maths problems.
For example 68+?=104
2+34= 36
So your answer is 36

Taking My Net-book Home

The first time taking my net-book home.
Yay! We could FINALLY take our net-books home after 2 Terms, and 4 weeks. It was now our responsibility to make sure our net-book is fully charged and ready for the next day.

I was super-duper- ultra- mega excited taking my net-book home.

I can’t wait to do more work on my net-book, and taking care of it, showing my teacher that I am a responsible person.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Being M.C. For The Day

Friday 19 August was a special day for me as well as for the whole school. We celebrated the life of the Patron Saint of our Parish and our school, St Pius X.

One of the ways we celebrated our special day was having a Talent Quest, so a bunch of kids who made it through the auditions, could show the whole school their special talents, our Heavenly Father has blessed them with.

I played a special role for the talent quest, I as well as Robertanna were the M.C.

I walked up ready to begin our Talent Show, “WHATS UP St Pius” we began with, I started talking really fast, and I knew my nerves had got the better of me, but I carried on and I was off the stage before I knew it.

“Give it up for Room 4” me and Robertanna said, as they were our first act.

The Talent Showcase went on, there were groups that sang songs, groups that did a dance routine, and a whole lot more, it was a HUGE success.

The bunch of students really did show the school that they have Talents. As for myself my talent is pretty much talking, and that was 1 of the reasons why I volunteered to be the M.C.

Friday was special and I know that the whole school enjoyed themselves as much as I did.

Friday, August 5, 2011

My Highlight

My first thought of the pool was ‘how deep is it ?’

I nervously walked into the portable swimming pool taking step, by step. I finally got in the pool and I started having fun, I knew that there was nothing to worry about. This was my highlight.

I can’t wait for our next swimming lesson on Monday.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Visual Art

This piece of art work is what I did during art. It is a collage of me looking through a window.I enjoyed making and I am proud of the finishing piece.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Persuasive Writing; Homework is good.

Homework has been a main part in school, it has been around for many years. It has also helped a lot of people including me.

First, thing first, homework is like practise. We all know that quote “practise makes perfect”. Would you want your child's brain to be filled with unnecessary things rather than educational things?

Second, homework also allows us to show our parents what we have learnt at school, so they know we actually learn something.
As well as that homework gives us something to do after school as most kids just sit back on the couch and watch T.V.

Third, some people might say that homework is just a waste of time, but those people are mainly the people that need help.
You might take homework for granted but homework also helps you get prepared for a test, and once you get a great mark you'll feel proud of yourself.

Finally, homework helps us with something we do not know. It also helps us catch up with work, we are behind with.

So I think that homework helps me as well as other. We should have it not everyday but at least twice a week.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


For term 2 I as well as the rest of the school is learning about 'Buoyancy' or you can call it "Floating and Sinking'
One of the activity's I experienced and enjoyed was when Room 7 and I had to predict weather ordinary items and fruit can either float or sink.

Floating means if an object stays above the surface, and sinking means if an object does not stay above, and goes to the bottom.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Measurement Of Units

During maths I learnt about ‘measurement of units’

I learnt that:
width- means how wide
length- means how long
distance- means how far
depth- means how deep and
height- means how high

As well as that I learnt that certain things are measured with a different measurement of unit. For example I can’t measure my pencil with meters, because meters is just far to big. But I can measure it with centimetres. Thats the sensible measurement.

The Feast Of The Ascension

During R.E I learnt a bit more about "THE FEAST OF THE ASCENSION"
I was told to make a title page that reflects the Ascension of Jesus.

My Ascension title page reflects on the time when Jesus ascended into heaven to be with his Father.

Jesus ascended to heaven and promised the apostles that he will send the Holy Spirit to guide them, and protect them from any harm.

Monday, May 30, 2011

I Am A Leader......

I’m a leader because..... I have 5 qualities.

*I can think for myself
*I know what is right
*I don’t let others tell me what to do
*I can stick up for myself
* I know how to say sorry when I am wrong.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Holy Spirt In The Scripture

Today for Religous Education I learnt that in Psalm 23 God's presence is a shepherd.
He is our shepherd and we are his sheep.

"The Lord is my shepherd;
I have everything I need"
Psalm 23

Scripture ReferencesImages
Psalm 103 : 13Father
Isaiah 49 : 15Mother
Deuteronomy 32 : 11Eagle
Psalm 23Shepherd
Ezekiel 17 : 22 - 24Trees
Exodus 15 : 3Warriors

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Study Ladder Activity

Yesterday for maths I did an activity, on studyladder.
It was a real challenge. But it was also great. It was frustrating but on my 5th question I finally got it right. It was also a good/helpful activity because if you get a question wrong they tell you an easier way of solving it.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday's Math Activity

Today for maths I had an activity. I had to add 2 more numbers onto 20. It was an alright activity. It wasn't really a challenge to be honest. But at least I finished the work I was given.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Maths Activity

Today like any other Monday morning after R.E. I had maths. One of the activities I did today was a times table chart. One way of completing it is by going across and counting. For example I went across in my 2 timetables by counting in 2's.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Ready To Change The Way We Learn

Ash Wednesday/Blessing Of Our Net-Books

Wednesday 9th of March was Ash Wednesday.
A day I will never forget.

It was a Wednesday Morning. Around 9.00 the teachers and students of St Pius X School. Prepared themselves for our annual Ash Wednesday Mass.

Our Mass Began with Robbertanna doing the introduction. We then sang our intro hymn. It was called ‘Turn Back To God’
The Mass went on smoothly. Their were no problems at all.

Our Ash Wednesday Mass nearly came to an end. But before we sang our final hymn, and did the final blessing.
Father Iosefa was to do 1 extra blessing.

A blessing for our net-books. Not really a blessing for our net-books a blessing to how we are going to use it.
Father Iosefa Blessed us and our net-books.

It was then time to end our Mass and sing the final hymn.


Friday, April 15, 2011

My Prayer Reflection Of Stations Of the Cross

Dear Jesus,
Thank-you for dying on the cross for our sins.
Thank-you for going through 14 rough and painful stations.
Without thinking bad thoughts of those who hurt you, and forgiving them.
May we be like you with our everyday life.
And may we remember you today as we go through those 14 rough and painful stations you went through.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Athletics Day

2011 St Pius X Athletics

Once a year St Pius X school have their athletics. So they can find out who would go to the cluster inter-zone athletics and represent our school.

Friday 18 March was St Pius X annual athletics day.
Friday was a fun and enjoyable day. Students were cheering for their teams. Lots of laughter and shouting going on. Teams were singing and chanting. I saw a lot of team effort shown from everyone.

On the other hand, teachers were frustrated with some of the students. Some were wandering around. Some took off for a drink without asking for permission. Others were just not listening. I thought it was okay but teachers said no.

Time for the cheer off, “yelled Mr Coakley”!
‘KEAS’ dynamite don’t mess with dynamite’ are one of the cheers I heard, at the cheer off. As well as Strawberry shortcake banner spilt we make your team look like ;shift to the left shift to the right come on TUIS fight fight fight’.

“And now the team that won the Cheer off is..............GECKOS !!” said Mr Coakley. ‘Who are who are who are we, we are we are somebody, can’t you see can’t you guess were the team that is the best’ - Geckos.

It was near the end of Athletics. But before that it was time to announce who came 4Th, 3rd 2nd and 1ST.

4th place by 169 points KEAS. 3rd place by 330 points KIWIS. Now first place by 500 points..............B-boom b-boom. My heart was thumping. Hoping that Mr Coakley would say TUIS.

“Now 1st place by 500 points................GECKOS”.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!” I cried. Thinking that I was dreaming.

But Geckos soon got up and started yelling from the tops of their lungs.
That’s when I knew that it was reality.

Geckos. Had won, and TUIS had come second.

Friday, January 7, 2011