Thursday, November 25, 2010

From The Little Screen To The Big Screen

Thursday 11 of November a day Saint Pius X students will never forget.

It was Thursday 11 November, which meant it was 2010 Manaiakalani Film Festival. Schools from around the Tamaki cluster were involved with it such as Panmure Bridge, Point England, Saint Pius X, Glenbrae, Tamaki Primary, Intermediate and College.
It was around 11am, when students/teachers of Saint Pius X School arrived at Sylvia Park Hoyts cinema- X-treme Screen.

As the students of Saint Pius X walked into the cinema there was excitement on their faces.
While they were watching the movies, they were laughing and cheering.
At the Film Festival there were a lot of movies that were shown but not all in every session.

If you ask the students of Saint Pius X what was their favourite movie, most of them would say Jandal Man/Jesse.
Why you ask?........well they all say that both films were entertaining and that they both had a meaning to them.
Jandal Man were talking about how useful jandals can be, and for Jesse their movie was based on the movie ‘boy’. But instead of ‘Boy’ being a fan of Michael Jackson Jesse was a fan of Captain James Cook.

Overall the Film Festival was a hit. There was laughter and there were awwwww’s when a movie ended. But besides from that everyone enjoyed the Manaikakani Film Festival.

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