Thursday, October 14, 2010

Term 3, Holidays and Term 4

Term 3
In Term 3 what I enjoyed most was when everyone in Room 6 had to get into a group of 4. Make ice-cream for Room 3 to taste test and vote for their favourite. The group with the most votes would be the winner and their ice-cream recipe would be sent to Tip Top. As well as your whole group making ice-cream each group had to come up with a company name, an ice-cream name, a promo poster and an interesting flier. There were a lot of different types of company names like my groups company name was Super Billy there were also names like Kids Delight, Chuby Chunks and a whole different range of names. At last after weeks of hard work and Miss G growling people off for being off task it was time for all the groups to present their ice-cream to Room 3. My groups ice-cream did not win but I really enjoyed making the ice-cream.

Yippee at last the holidays were finally here. During the holidays I had a lot of fun, like shopping, going to birthday parties, staying awake like until 1:00 in the morning, playing games and a whole lot of things, but one thing that was exciting for me was that I got a new baby nephew. His name is Charles, he is a very tiny baby but he is also cute. While I was enjoying my holidays I knew school was about to start so on the last day of the school holidays I decided to get all my school stuff ready. (like my school uniform school shoes etc......)

Term 4
First day back at school and I have found out that we would be going to the Zoo except for the year 7&8’s because this term from year 1-6 their topic is Animals and their habitats. For the year 7&8 their topic is animals that live in the bush and they would be studying more about that topic when they go to camp.

What I can’t wait for this term is the Film Festival, Zoo trip and Final Assembly. I can’t wait for the Film Festival because for the first time I am involved with one of the movies Saint Pius X has created. I also can not wait for the Zoo trip because I can’t wait to see different types of animals and their habitats. The reason why I can’t wait for the Finally Assembly is because it is on the last day of school which means it will be the longer holidays and the next time I come back to school I will be a year 7. One of my goals this term is to try my best in the AsTTle test and hopefully move up a level in Reading, Writing or Maths.

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