Thursday, August 23, 2012

St Pius X Autobiographical Poem

St Pius X
Humble, Holy, Caring, Poor
brother to 6 sisters and 3 brothers
Loves God and helping people
He feels happy when he’s with the people he loves
He needed people to love God just as much as he did
He gave his life to God
His fear was dying
He wanted to see Pope Pius IX
He was born and raised in Italy.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

David Copperfield

This term I am reading the classic novel "David Copperfield" by Charles Dickens. As part of understanding what we read my group had to summarise chapter 2. This is our summary..... 

Chapter 2 is about Davy observing his childhood. He remembers the times his nurse/housekeeper, Peggotty used to take him to church. She also used to look after him when his Mum was out. One night his mother came home with a gentleman. The same one that escorted them home after church. His name was Mr. Murdstone. Davy did not like him.
2 months later Peggotty asked if Davy would like to spend a fortnight at her brothers, away from home. Davy was excited to leave but at the same time he was sad to leave his home and his mum.


This week for Integrated Studies I had to find facts about the Ancient Olympics, History of the New Zealand Olympic teams and facts about the Modern Olympics. This is what I found out....

Ancient Olympic Games
  • The ancient Olympic games were held in Olympia.
  • The athletes competed nude.

History of the New Zealand Olympic Teams
  • The first 3 modern Olympics New Zealand did not compete. Due to money and distance. 
  • In 1908 New Zealand joined with Australia and they formed a team together called “Australsian”. New Zealand sent an independent team in 1920.

Modern Olympics

  • The first modern Olympic games were held at  Greece, Athens in 1986
  • The Olympic games are held in different countries every 4th year.