Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Talent Quest

On Friday last week was the feast day of Saint Pius X. So our school celebrated it by having Mass in the morning and then having a talent quest.
Well I’m going to talk about the talent quest.

So On Friday one of the ways we celebrated Saint Pius X feast day was we had a Talent Quest.
During Morning Tea everyone who was preforming were dressing up into their costumes. Some were getting ready to preform a cultural dance and some were getting ready to sing, and a whole lot of things. It was a really busy morning tea for the people who were doing an item for the talent quest.

Finally the bell rang to finish off morning tea, it was time for the talent quest. Everyone lined up at the hall waiting to go inside. Once we were inside all the performers were sitting waiting for Mr Coakley to tell them to come up and show everyone their item.

Mr Coakley walked up and started thanking everyone for coming. Mr Coakley finally introduced Angelica, Justice,Simone and Grace to preform their item, they did a Cook Island dance. It was a really neat item.

Next was Emelia and Robbertana, they also did a Cook Island dance. I thought Angelica, Justice,Simone and Grace was better only because they looked really confident, but Robbertanna and Emeila put their heads down when they were dancing.

The show kept rolling.There were people singing, dancing and doing a ballet dance. It was a really fun day, but it wasn’t a competition, it was just a chance for people to show everyone their talent.

Then the show came to end, Mr Coakley walked up and started to introduce the last item, it was the year 8 girls, they sang ‘Draw Me Nearer’. After that everyone went back to their classes getting ready for their Fish and Chips......
There was supposed to be Cross Country but it was raining and the teachers did not want any one to get sick.

My Favourite performance was Malia's ballet dance because she was the only one out of everyone else that did a ballet dance, also I liked the song she danced to - ‘Fireflies’.

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  1. A good description of what happened on the day and how much you enjoyed it, Lavinia. You may need to spend a few minutes proof reading your work before publishing in the future.