Sunday, December 16, 2012


Friday 14 December after morning-tea, there was a special event in the hall. PRIZE-GIVING. The final assembly for the year. The assembly where every student strives to receive an award.

I am proud to say I received 4 awards. The 100% attendance, Academic Achievement, Literacy award and to top it off  the Main Freight award.  Which made my parents super-duper proud of me. 

The 2012 St Pius X Catholic school Prize-giving, is my last ever prize-giving at St Pius. It was truly the most special and the one I will remember forever. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Year8 Dinner- Poem

Masala was a fancy place to eat
that was where the year8's went to meet. 

Butter chicken was so divine
My taste buds were fine
But my teacher wouldn't let me drink wine

We took so many pictures
It was mixture of students and teachers

We had such a good time
but everyone had to say good bye