Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Term 2 Reflection

I had a great time this term in Room 6 and during media studies I had to come with my favourite thing that happened this term I had alot of things to choose from like Swimming, Media Studies, French etc but out of all the great things that happened I picked Art here is my Reflection........

Friday, June 11, 2010

Mrs Laing

On a nice sunny Monday in week 5 of term 2 I walked into Room 6 to see a Lady I've never seen before, I soon found out it her name was Mrs Laing and she was going to be our student teacher. We then went outside for assembly when we came inside we started doing our timetables, Mrs Laing did it with us and that's when I knew Mrs Laing was going to be an awesome student teacher.
As the days went by students of Room 6 started to like Mrs Laing, I thought Mrs Laing was just going to sit at Miss G desk and just take notes but instead she was moved around the classroom and helped everyone.
It is now week 8 of term 2 and Mrs Laing is still an awsome student teacher but sadly she will be leaving room 6 next week, but I am sure one day she will have her own class and be a wonderful Teacher.