Monday, November 22, 2010

Auckland Zoo Here We Come

On a very dull Thursday morning everyone from Years 0-6 including me, had big smiles on our faces, like as if we had won $1,0000 or we were happy because the weather was bad....but no we did not win $1,0000 and we all hated the weather, we were all happy because we all knew that we would be going to the Auckland Zoo, to lean more about the animals and their natural habitats.

Once everyone was ready to leave school we all walked down the hill to the bus. As soon as everyone was in their seats the bus driver started driving. We travelled east to west across Auckland. As we past Western Springs we were getting closer and closer.

“Finally” I said, we were here at last. Everyone hopped out of the bus, it was still raining but that didn't stop us, we all walked up the hill and through the puddles.

Soon after all the classes walked off in different directions. Mr Coakley was leading Room 6. He lead us to a bridge where the view was black & white. Before our eyes were some not very cheerful Zebras. We all walked past waving to them hoping that they would come closer to us but they didn’t.

As well as seeing Zebras we also saw scary Lions, playful Orangutan's, Sea Lions that were showing off, Cheetahs that were sleepy and a whole lot more.

We walked and walked around the Zoo. After a while, we saw a little playground with a rock climbing wall so we all decided to have our morning tea.

After that we kept on walking, we spotted a Parrot. We thought it could repeat what we were saying but when we asked a Zoo Keeper if it could repeat our words she said “no”, so we walked away. We saw more and more animals like hungry Meercats. While were walking around we noticed the entry to the Meercat tunnels and so we walked in, then we saw tunnels. We all started crawling through it and it lead us to a semi-circle where we popped our heads through and we saw the Meercats up close. After seeing the Meercats I decided to crawl out of the tunnels, so I did.

Around 1:00pm we had lunch, we also had a little play, then off we went. Our next stop was at a classroom. We were there to ask a teacher some questions about animals and their natural habitats. We asked him questions and he answered them back. We all walked around his classroom looking at the frogs, fossils and reptiles.

After all of that the clock struck 2:30pm which meant it was time to leave the classroom and go back to school.

So as you can see years 0-6 had an awesome time at the Auckland Zoo. My favourite part out of the whole thing would have to be going to the classroom not only because we got to ask him questions (that would help us in our topic work) but we also had a chance to look at a
frogs/reptiles up close.

So if have not been to the Auckland Zoo I recommend you do, trust me you would have an awesome time.


  1. YO hi it's phoenix i feel sorry that you have no comments but that was the best work i ever seen in my life from phoenix

  2. WOW that was very nice to see your nice to see your picture of the zoo from cameron