Friday, March 2, 2012

Opening Mass

Friday 10 February 2012, St Pius X school had their opening mass for the year. It was a time to welcome new pupils and their families, thank God for blessing us with another school year and to focus on working hard so we can achieve our goals. Room7 led the mass.

The mass was held at our parish church. Good thing our church is on school grounds, so it was only a few feet away from our school office. All the classes were gathered at the church. There were a lot of parents too.

I said the introduction, I was a little bit nervous but I got over it. Before I knew it I was finish.
It was now time to sing the entrance hymn. The song was called 'Rainbow'. The entrance hymn was sung beautifully and the mass begun.

During the mass Ofa read the 1st reading. From that reading, I learnt to not be lazy, and if I want something I need to work for it. It was a message for everyone.

After the reading the mass went on as usual.

But before Father Iosefa said the final blessing, he asked for all the teachers to go up to the altar. So the students and parents could bless them. Bless them for another year of teaching and to ask God to give them strength to help us succeed in our learning.

Everything about the mass was special and I was glad to be apart of it.

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