Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Athletics Day

2011 St Pius X Athletics

Once a year St Pius X school have their athletics. So they can find out who would go to the cluster inter-zone athletics and represent our school.

Friday 18 March was St Pius X annual athletics day.
Friday was a fun and enjoyable day. Students were cheering for their teams. Lots of laughter and shouting going on. Teams were singing and chanting. I saw a lot of team effort shown from everyone.

On the other hand, teachers were frustrated with some of the students. Some were wandering around. Some took off for a drink without asking for permission. Others were just not listening. I thought it was okay but teachers said no.

Time for the cheer off, “yelled Mr Coakley”!
‘KEAS’ dynamite don’t mess with dynamite’ are one of the cheers I heard, at the cheer off. As well as Strawberry shortcake banner spilt we make your team look like ;shift to the left shift to the right come on TUIS fight fight fight’.

“And now the team that won the Cheer off is..............GECKOS !!” said Mr Coakley. ‘Who are who are who are we, we are we are somebody, can’t you see can’t you guess were the team that is the best’ - Geckos.

It was near the end of Athletics. But before that it was time to announce who came 4Th, 3rd 2nd and 1ST.

4th place by 169 points KEAS. 3rd place by 330 points KIWIS. Now first place by 500 points..............B-boom b-boom. My heart was thumping. Hoping that Mr Coakley would say TUIS.

“Now 1st place by 500 points................GECKOS”.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!” I cried. Thinking that I was dreaming.

But Geckos soon got up and started yelling from the tops of their lungs.
That’s when I knew that it was reality.

Geckos. Had won, and TUIS had come second.

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