Sunday, December 16, 2012


Friday 14 December after morning-tea, there was a special event in the hall. PRIZE-GIVING. The final assembly for the year. The assembly where every student strives to receive an award.

I am proud to say I received 4 awards. The 100% attendance, Academic Achievement, Literacy award and to top it off  the Main Freight award.  Which made my parents super-duper proud of me. 

The 2012 St Pius X Catholic school Prize-giving, is my last ever prize-giving at St Pius. It was truly the most special and the one I will remember forever. 

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  1. Hi Lavinia,
    CONGRATULATIONS on getting your fantastic awards. I hope you carry on this life journey and grow up and be want you dream to be. GOOD LUCK FOR THE FUTURE!!!

    P.S. I so love the picture