Friday, November 30, 2012

Camp 2012

Camp last week, were 3 days filled with laughter and joy. From arriving at Piha on Wednesday to leaving on Friday afternoon.

The 4 activities we did on the camp-grounds were Orienteering, Poles and Planks, Bush Skills and Archery. All four activities required us to think. 3 of the 4 required team work. Team work I am sure my team used. Team work, that allowed my team to get to know each other, including myself. Team work that allowed my team to bond. To form friendships.

We had many other activities.

-Walk to Piha Beach
-hike to Kitekite Falls
-Burma Trail

We had a Fashion Show, but instead of using your ordinary material we had to use newspaper and other re-usable things. Such as, cookie wrappers, and glad wrap. But out of everything we did, the best thing that happened, was getting to know everyone! Including those who weren't in my team.

I formed friendships with people I never thought one day I’ll be calling them my ‘friend’.

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