Thursday, August 23, 2012

St Pius X Autobiographical Poem

St Pius X
Humble, Holy, Caring, Poor
brother to 6 sisters and 3 brothers
Loves God and helping people
He feels happy when he’s with the people he loves
He needed people to love God just as much as he did
He gave his life to God
His fear was dying
He wanted to see Pope Pius IX
He was born and raised in Italy.


  1. Wow Lavinia I really enjoyed looking at your Poem about Saint Pius X, you really out done yourself.. and I am sure people are gonna want to go on your blog if they see this piece of Poem. Keep the good work up!! :-)

  2. Wow Lavinia I like it how you put it in paragraphs so it is easier and pretty to read. I like It how you have telled the audience by saying that about his future.