Thursday, June 7, 2012


Annie and Angelica were getting ready for their school camp in the forest. Orienteering was their first activity. Their teacher, Mrs Jolie gave them their orienteering gear.

They started at the starting line. They made their way to the 1st and 2nd control, out of 10. They were alone in the forest. Walking past the trees and bushes they heard footsteps. They were frightened. They dropped everything and ran off.

They tried to find Mrs Jolie. But she was not in sight. Scared and Nervous were Annie and Angelica as they were lost. Annie looked across at Angelica and saw that she was upset.

It was getting darker. “OH NO”! They held each other hand-in-hand and both said “everything will be alright”. All of a sudden they saw a bright light shining from one direction. They ran towards the light and saw that it was Mrs Jolie. “Mrs Jolie, Mrs Jolie” they yelled, with relief. “You found us”, they said. Mrs Jolie wrapped them up in a blanket and took them back to their tents.


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  1. Is this a true story? It sounds like a very scary experience.

    Lavinia, I have been following your blog for three years now and I love seeing the way your writing keeps improving. Well done.

    Mrs Burt